A money hacker story

I found a very interesting money hacker story. A guy, who worked as a social worker had a huge passion for stocks trading and had been dreaming to do that for years. Actually not only dreaming but also learning. Anyway at some point he decided to take out a 25000 dollars loan and start trading. His first target was to make 25000 dollars in 250 days. So happened, he made the target in 40 days. At that point he decided to make another target: 100000 dollars in 250 days. He made the target in 98 days. At this point he is working on his new target: 250000 dollars in 250 days. He is doing this right now, and he already made 120000 dollars in less than one month.
Now some details about his trading strategy. He believes in a disciplined approach. He also says setting a goal helps you stay motivated and focused. He says he uses a day trade strategy called scalping, which he considers to be low risk, less stressful and profitable. He only trades 30 stocks, that he knows very well.
Now some practical details. He is using Robinhood, a website and app for investing in stocks. He says most of his earnings have been made with Robinghood. He recently also started to use Etrade.
I think this guy is a perfect example of what I mean by money hacking. Having passion, having fun. Starting believing. And making it.
By the way, his blog is 25k250.com

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